Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stuck in a Blogging Rut....

I have not blogged in 2 weeks....I have 2 reviews to do over the holidays....but I am in a blogging rut! I sit here and stare at the screen and I have nothing of significance to blog about. My camera has been MIA so I have no good pictures to share. Sorry just nothing....

Well maybe one thing....I made a Tutu! Here are a few pics off my phone of my tutu and SaraKate modeling it! Sorry they are such poor quality!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Another year older....

I acctually forgot today was my birthday!! I was sitting at home feeding SaraKate her bottle at 7:00am when my phone rang, as soon as I saw that it was my Dad and Step-mom calling I started imagining all sorts of bad things had happened! I picked up the phone imaging the worst only to hear my little sister say "Happy Birthday Sissy". OMG did I really forget my birthday....I wake up bright and early on the 6th of every month and think "today my baby is x months old" but I don't even remember my own birthday???? Birthdays used to be the best day in my whole year, I used to count down the days but somehow as I have gotten older and had my babies I have started counting down the weeks and days to their birthdays and forgetting my own.
I am 27 years old today....Another year has past. I am inching closer and closer to 30, but you know what....30 doesn't seem near as old as it did when I turned 21. At 21 I was dreading 30 but now at 27 I am looking forward to 30. At 21 I thought I knew everything but it turns out I knew NOTHING!!!! I feel at 27 like I know alot but I still have so much more to learn. So today is my birthday and ya know what???? Its just another day to learn more that I knew yesterday!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2 reveiw in 2 days

WOW I got selected to do another review!!! That 2 reviews on 2 days!!! I will be reviewing labels from Applied Labels. You should all go check them out there are many different icons you can choose and 3 different fonts.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Follow me back Tuesday!

Joining up on the follow me back bandwagon! Comment here if you follow me and I will follow you back!!!! Hope I do this right since its my first time.

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Just got selected to do my first review!!!!

Yay!!! I am soooo excited I just got selected to do my first review!!!! I will be reviewing Personalized Kids Labels in the Rococo pattern from Oliver's Labels. I can't wait to get my labels so I can check them out!!!

Have you seen the forcast???

Have you seen the forecast for this week???? If not let me be the first to give you the good news......

Just in case you can't tell I LOVE FALL!!! The cool weather, the fall festives here locally, and most importantly the holidays! This is my favorite time of year!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

*sniff* *cough* *achoo* These are the sounds of fall.

I love fall! The cooler temps just lift my spirits...but....It also puts the kids’ allergies into overdrive!!! My poor little ones are coughing, sneezing, and sniffling non-stop. Poor SaraKate woke up so many times before midnight from coughing that I finally gave up and put her in bed with us. She still coughed and woke up but at least she went right back to sleep. I know that she is just coughing from the drainage but I feel so bad for her. The last time she did this her doctor told me to give her benedryll before bed to dry it all up so I guess thats what we will do tonight. As much as I love the fall weather I wish what ever is blooming and making my babies so miserable would just go away!!!!