Monday, August 30, 2010

Vintage Pearl - Giveaway

A friend of mine is having a giveaway on her Blog. It is for a $25.00 gift certificate to the Vintage Pearl. If you have never heard of them they make BEAUTIFUL jewelry. Check out her blog at:

and the Vintage Peal's site at:

Wonderful Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend! Gerald is trying to teach Bryson to play golf. It is interesting to say the least! Bryson plays golf like any 3 yr old, he swings his club at trees, roots, and occasionally at the ball. It is too cute to watch! So Saturday Gerald took Bryson golfing alone. They had to go to Wal-Mart first for new balls and a teeny tiny golfing glove for Bryson. Bry called me from Wal-Mart to tell me that "Me and Daddy was cooping out the babes"...LOL!!! They then went on to the golf course and Gerald said they had fun, Bryson was really good, and "they" played 18 holes. Bryson came home happy and tired so mommy was happy!
    Yesterday we had a lazy morning and around noon Gerald suggested that we go play golf as a family. So we all loaded up and headed to the golf course. We met up with my mom and stepdad and played 9 holes. Let me stop and say that I don't golf. I happily ride the golf cart wearing SaraKate in the mei-tai and watch...well yesterday Gerald had other ideas. He said since mom was there and could hold SaraKate I could play a hole or two. OK....I played 1 was a par 5 and I shot a 14.....oh yeah 9 over par...LOL I crawled my happy slef back into the cart and rode on. I don't think I will be the next golf  super star...LOL.
Here are a few of us golfing a few weeks ago....I am a bad mommy and didn't take pics yesterday!

Mommy and Me Monday

I saw the mommy and Me Monday post on a friends blog and decided to join in as there are very few pictures of me and my little ones unless it is one of the cheesy self taken pictures on my blackberry. LOL

Here is a picture of Me and Bryson at my office skating party last week.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who am I

If I seem a little new at this it is probably because I am. This is my first blog and you are reading my first post! I am Brittni a married mother of two. I was born, raised, and still reside in a small south Georgia town. Four years ago I met my husband Gerald while he was serving in the United States Airforce. We met, fell in love, and were married in 4 short months! I know it was kinda fast but thats just the way things worked out.
Picture courtesy of Erica Reagan Photgraphy
Soon after we were married we welcomed our son Bryson.

He was the light of our lives but we knew there was still something missing and a little over 6 months ago we welcomed our daughter SaraKate into the world.

For now we are complete, yes I said for now because who knows what life has in store for our family. Welcome to my life as a busy working mama of two.