Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Adventure...Into the world of sewing!!!

My grandmother tried at an early age to teach me how to sew. I however had little to no interest. Fast forward 15ish years I now have a child of my own and I want to make her all of the cute little dresses that are "so easy to make". My grandmother was beyond delighted when I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas.
I opened my sewing machine on Christmas morning and was VERY excited to start my sewing journey, but I was delayed when SaraKate was hospitalized. I have been working with my machine for a few weeks now and I feel like I have finally found my groove. So far I have only made simple burp cloths and my favorite little girls dress...the pillowcase dress. I am currently perfecting my pattern and will soon open up an etsy shop. For now I leave you with my most recent dress I made for a friends baby to be and all my mess of dresses pinned and waiting to be sewn.

Bottom Detail

Top Detail

My Mess!!!

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