Monday, October 4, 2010

Babywearing Is A Passion

Babywearing is a passion, its a life style, and in my opinion it is wonderful!!! I wore my first child in a leg dangler for a few weeks but it KILLED my back! Then when I was pregnant with SaraKate I was exposed to REAL babywearing and instantly fell in LOVE!!!

The first sling I bought was a bag sling (big no no!!) It was recalled within a week of my purchase! I only wore her in it once b/c it just felt wrong! She was a teeny 6lbs 14oz at a month old and I could barely see her face when she was in the sling. Once it was recalled I started searching for a better safer sling and/or wrap and I found the Sleepy Wrap. This was it this was what I was searching for here was a way to hold my baby, love my baby, and still have my hands free to hold, calm, and interact with My 3 yr old!
SaraKate in her Sleepywrap June 2010

We were happy with our Sleepy Wrap for a while but the bigger she got and the hotter it got the more I wanted a new carrier. Again I got on the wonderful internet and started searching I decided on a Mei Tai. I carry her everywhere and anywhere in my Mei Tai and I still use my Sleepywrap especially now that it is getting colder! I HIGHLY recommend baby wearing!
SaraKate in her Mei Tai September 2010

Keep your baby Healthy, Keep them Happy, and Keep them safe!!!

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